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Maybe you have what I need. Maybe I have what you need. Lets make a deal.

Old Bike / New Home

This bike is a 1974 Raleigh International. It was my father’s bike for many years when he commuted to work. It has been handed down to me and I am looking for someone who would be interested in a classic. At the time it was considered a high end professional/racing bike. I have seen these in remarkably pristine condition selling on ebay for three or four times what I am asking. I cannot imagine how you could own one and not want to ride the hell out of it, but I suppose if you have kept yours in a garage since 1974 you can ask more for it than I am.  As you can see from the photos this one has a good patina to it. Most of it is original. You can probably guess what has been replaced (rims, tires, brake pads, brake and shift cables, chain, seat, handlebar tape ) Originally it had toe clips… I may have them around somewhere, but the original leather straps did not make it. I do not have the original Brooks seat. At the time I thought it was kind of uncomfortable, but I hear it is an acquired taste. If I had that to do over, maybe I would have tried it longer. It is still light as a feather and in rideable condition, however a lot could be done to make it more smooth and polished.

My first inclination is to hang on to the bike. It is a classic and has a lot of great memories. I might ride it now and again if I hung onto it. On the other hand I would probably just stuff it away in some corner of the basement where it would be neglected and gather dust. I would rather someone else ride it. I have two other bikes and am considering building a third.

If you would like to time travel to 1974 in style this is the bike for you. Contact me at Shoot me an offer or maybe you have something interesting to trade.  The bike is now sold!














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